Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter price, Images, Specs, Dealerships[April 2022]

About Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter 2022

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter price 2022: Bajaj Chetak is an electric scooter available at a starting price of Rs. 1,42,297 in India. It is available in 2 variants and 6 colors with a top variant price starting from Rs. 1,42,903. Bajaj Chetak generates 3800 W power from its motor. With a front disc and rear drum brakes, Bajaj Chetak comes up with a combined braking system for both wheels.

Before Bajaj Auto became popular for its modern range of motorcycles, it was principally known for its two-wheeler scooter, namely the Bajaj Chetak. Over the past few years, the Pune-based two-wheeler giant had completely stopped manufacturing scooters and since then it has been working on a new electric scooter offering and has now finally launched the Chetak, in an electric avatar.

As the name suggests, the scooter harks back to its roots by taking design cues from the iconic Chetak and giving it a contemporary and fresh look. It uses sheet metal body panels that offer a premium touch, while the smooth flowing lines, LED lighting, and turn signals with sequential blinking similar to high-end cars add to its modernity. Furthermore, it packs fully-digital Bluetooth-enabled instrumentation that comes with a host of features.

Bajaj Chetak Summary

Chetak key highlights
Riding Range85-95 Km
Top Speed70 Kmph
Battery charging time5 Hrs
Rated Power3800 W
USB Charging PortYes
Max Power4,080 W

Bajaj is offering the Chetak electric scooter in two variants, Urbane and Premium. Meanwhile, the color palette that is available on the Chetak comprises of six options — white, pink, black, yellow, red and blue. Competition-wise, the e-scooter rivals the likes of the Ather 450 and the Okinawa i-Praise in the premium electric scooter market space.


What are the different colors available for Chetak?

Chetak is available in Premium and Urbane models.
Chetak Premium is offered in four different colors – HazelNut, Velluto Russo (Red), Indigo Metallic (Blue), and Brooklyn Black.
Chetak urbane is available in Citrus Rush and Cyber White. Currently the bookings and dispatches of Chetak urbane are limited.

What are the ride modes available to drive Chetak?

Chetak offers 3 ride modes. 2 Forward – Eco and Sports and 1 Reverse. In Eco Mode, the Chetak automatically detects your need for extra power and can switch to Sports mode and then back to Eco Mode. The Reverse mode allows you to gracefully back out of parking slots.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Battery Details

What is a range of Chetak on a full charge?

The Chetak has a class-leading range of 90 km (under IDC as per AIS 040) in Eco Mode on a full charge with a new battery.
The range obtained by a user shall depend on factors such as: age of the battery, road and traffic conditions, tyre condition and inflation, riding style, load on the vehicle, use of electrical accessories such as lamps and horn and mobile phone charging etc.

How do I charge a Chetak?

You may use any normal 220V, 5A, 3 pin earthed socket to Charge your Chetak with the provided Chetak charging cable and pin adapter. In such a case, the consumer is responsible for any damage to the Chetak onboard equipment due to voltage above 270V RMS or any other electrical issues or malfunction at the charging place.
In addition, you may purchase Chetak branded home charging Box, that protects your charging cable and Chetak from voltage and current surges from the electricity supply line. It also secures your Chetak charging cable so that it can be connected and disconnected only by the owner. While it is not compulsory for you to purchase a home charging box, it is strongly recommended that you do so.

How long does the battery last on Chetak electric scooter?

The Chetak lithium-ion battery is designed to last for 70000 kms which normally takes 7 years, provided the user ensures the lithium-ion battery is kept charged above 15% of capacity and used regularly. Bajaj Chetak offers a warranty of 3 years or 50000 km (whichever comes earlier).
In all lithium-ion battery Electric Vehicles the battery capacity, and hence specified range, reduces with time, use, and cumulative charge-discharge cycles. A lithium-ion Battery is considered acceptable and within specified life when it has up to 70% capacity of a brand new battery.


What is the warranty on Chetak?

Chetak offers a warranty of 50000 km or 3 years (whichever comes earlier) on the product and the Lithium-ion battery. The Auxillary battery has a warranty of 18 months and tyres have a warranty of 12 months. The warranty is effective from the date of the Chetak sales invoice. 7 Years Warranty on Motor.

Manufacturer Warranty

Battery warranty3 Year

The replacement or repair of part under warranty, including the lithium-ion battery, shall at the sole discretion of Bajaj Auto Ltd. Warranty on Auxillary battery and tyres be at the sole discretion of their respective manufacturers. Warranty and any claim arising thereof is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Pune only.


What is the on-road price of Chetak?

While booking a Chetak on the website, you will get the indicative breakup of the total on-road price.
The on-road price on the date and time of the final vehicle sale invoice is treated as final and binding.

Chetak prices may vary across cities and states. Please refer to the price breakup provided for your city/state during booking.

Ex-showroom price in a city is the same for all dealerships in that city.

The prices mentioned during booking are indicative, as on the date of booking. The price on the final vehicle sale Invoice date is treated as final and binding.


Is FAME II subsidy available on Chetak?

FAME-II subsidy benefit, as approved by the department of heavy industries, Govt. of India, is available on purchase of the Chetak. The FAME-II subsidy amount is displayed in the price breakup at the time of online booking.
Please note, the subsidy is available for a customer only on the purchase of one electric vehicle (any make, any type of electric vehicle) and subject to approval from the department of heavy industries, Govt. of India. A customer who has already availed subsidy benefit on any electric vehicle (any make, any type of electric vehicle) is not eligible for claiming FAME subsidy on the subsequent electric vehicles purchased.
The customer shall provide an undertaking with regard to the FAME subsidy.
The final price at the time of invoice is inclusive of approved subsidies and the customer shall make the full payment on the date and time of the vehicle invoice.

What State Govt Subsidy is available on Chetak?

Each State Govt. has its own policy on electric two wheelers. Any State Govt. subsidy that is provided to Bajaj Auto Ltd. as the manufacturer of Chetak, is passed on directly to the buyer in accordance with the applicable State Govt. policies. This would be reflected suitably in the price details under the heading of State Govt. subsidy (wherever applicable). Any State Govt. subsidy such as reduced registration charges or road tax would reflect as actual figures under road tax and registration.

DATA PACK in Chetak Electric Scooter

What is the data pack for Chetak? Do I need to have a data pack?

Data Pack subscription is available for connected vehicle, Chetak, which provides near real time status on vehicle battery, range, historical information on recent trips, SMS, System alerts, map-based navigation to reach from your current location to vehicle, riding tips etc. among many other features through My Chetak app available on google play store and apple store. The connected vehicle services on My Chetak app works through vehicle-app-specific data plan.
Purchase of a data pack is not mandatory. It’s entirely at the option of the consumer. If a data pack is not purchased, the My Chetak App on a customer’s mobile shall be limited to OTA updates for vehicle software, Owner’s manual and limited in-app functionalities through blue-tooth connectivity with a vehicle. All other functions and alerts shall not be available.

How to purchase a data pack?

The data pack is a separate purchase and not included in the vehicle price of the Chetak. Once Chetak is booked, data pack can be purchased online by visiting Add-On section in your booking. If you have not purchased data pack and your vehicle is already invoiced or delivered, you may visit website and purchase a data pack by visiting “My Vehicles” and then renew data pack.

You can buy a data pack online anytime post-purchase by visiting My Vehicle section for the selected vehicle. In the My Vehicle section of the selected vehicle, click on data renewal and data pack shall get activated within 24 hrs after successful payment.


What is the My Chetak App and what can it be used for?

My Chetak is a connected vehicle app on google play store and apple store for smartphone users, which provides near real time status on vehicle battery / range, historical information on recent trips, SMS / System alerts, map-based navigation to reach from your current location to vehicle. Riding tips etc. among other features.
My Chetak app can be used by all Chetak owners and their emergency / family contacts to keep connected to vehicle from anywhere anytime.

Chetak Price In India

CityEx-Showroom Price
DelhiRs. 1 – 1.15 Lakh
HyderabadRs. 1 – 1.89 Lakh
ChennaiRs. 1 – 1.89 Lakh
KolkataRs. 1 Lakh
PuneRs. 1.42 – 1.87 Lakh
BangaloreRs. 1.42 – 1.89 Lakh

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