Best Electric Scooters in India 2022 [With price]

Best Electric Scooters in India 2022 with Price, Charging Station, Top speed, Range, Motor Power, Charging Time.

Electric Vehicles sector is now on a boom these days, as more and more people, are showing their interest in Electric Vehicle and switching from conventional petrol-diesel vehicles to Electric Vehicles(Ev) now.

for the general consumer, it has become a bit difficult to show their trust in a particular company as there are many companies providing Electric Scooters, bikes, and cars now. Many new companies are on their way to incorporation and many have started their production and distribution through different channels.

Best Electric scooters in india 2022

As we know OLA has set up its Future factory in Banglore, India to manufacture the best Electric Vehicle Scooter with a very stylish design and improved technology. OLA has launched the first two variants of its scooters on 15 August 2021, which are OLA S1 and OLA S1 Pro with a very stylish design and unique features that other companies are not offering yet.

So Electric Vehicles is definitely the Future of Travel and Technology, these are ecofriendly at the same time which helps to keep our environment safe and protected from harmful emission of petrol and diesel. Here arre some of the Best Electric Scooters in India 2022 that you can prefer while purchasing one for yourself.

Top Best Electric Scooters in India 2022

ModelPriceBattery CapacityRangeCharging timeTop speed
Ather 450X₹1,32,4262.9kWh60 – 85 km5 hours80 kmph
Revolt RV 400₹1,29,4633.24kWh80 – 150 km4.5 hours80 kmph
Ola S1 Pro₹1,10,1493.97kWh130 – 180 km6.5 hours115 kmph
Bajaj Chetak₹1,47,7753kWh80 – 90 km5 hours78 kmph
TVS iQube Electric₹1,15,0004.5kWh75 km5 hours78 kmph
Okinawa iPraise₹1,23,0003.3kwh160 km (Eco mode)4 hours70 kmph
Hero Photon 48V₹65,46448 V, 28 Ah80 – 110 km5 hours45 kmph
Tork KratosNANA100 km80% – 1 hour100 kmph

As per your budget and inclination towards the company, you can select a good option of EV for yourself, Let’s be Electric and protect the Environment and Cost. We hope you like this article on Best Electric Vehicles in India 2022.

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